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Ken Preston's Seminar on the "Science of Rod Selection and Building" (March 17, 2014)
Mr. Ken Preston, a custom rod builder and rod and real repair person, provided a presentation to the Southern Maryland Chapter of the MSSA at our meeting on March 20th.  While Ken builds custom rods his presentation really dealt with what we should consider when purchasing a rod.  He started by discussing the actions we might find in a rod blank and how we might want to select an action with respect to what we intend to do with the rod.  He then moved on to discuss the evolution of rod guides and what kind we might want to select if purchasing a new rod.  Once we all understood rod blanks, the guides on them, and their placement Ken went on to discuss rod handles and reel seats.  At the end of the evening I am sure all members left with a much better understanding of rod technology and a list of things to look for when purchasing a new rod or looking to get a custom rob built.  Ken also showed a number of absolutely beautiful rods that he has built along with some gorgeous decorative beading on some of those rods added by his wife.  It was a great meeting.


Club members look on as Ken discusses different rod types Members look on as Ken starts to discuss the many different options in rod materials and actions.
Ken demonstrates the flex and action of a rod blank. Ken Preston shows a rod section with a number of different types of rod guides as he discusses what one should look for when looking for a new rod.


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